Welcome to my website on Architecture & Design

Hi there! My name is Bart van Riel. I am an experienced Enterprise and Solution Architect and TOGAF 9 Certified.

I have created this website to share some of the architecture, design and development experience I have gained over the past 13 years.

Estimating SOA Capacity Demand

I have written an architectural musing on how to quickly calculate the expected capacity demand of a services architecture. For you convenience, it can be found through this link.

Architectural Musings

Being a solution architect, I encounter many system architecture oddities that need working out. I call those documenting efforts 'architectural musings'. Feel free to use it at will.

Eclipse GEF tutorial

GEF too hard? You'll find a great Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework tutorial here.

AspectJ Parameter Binding Demystified

Having trouble figuring out how to use AspectJ in your code? Parameter binding is most likely one of the hurdles. This short tutorial should help you get started quickly.

JXPath tutorial

Published in article form on JavaWorld.com.

Use JXPath to query Java object trees using the XPath query language. Check out the JXPath tutorial and let me know what you think!

Looking for the sources that came with the Java Magazine article? Get them here.

Spring Acegi Tutorial

Please check out the Spring Acegi Security tutorial. Approved by the Acegi project!

Partner site

This site is maintained in cooperation with the Dutch internet solutions company TFO eServices. Courtesy link to their (Dutch) website here.



All tutorials on this website have been written with the OpenOffice.org office suite.